Saturday, February 8, 2014

More from Thailand . . .

Next stop UDON THANI, Thailand -

This city is the one close to Laos, where medical emergencies from Laos are taken.

We were met by the Senior Couple, Elder and Sister Hart, in a Tuk-Tuk, and headed off for visits to three Hospitals.  At AEK Udon Hospital we certainly had our most impressive reception, complete with a sign by the elevator announcing our visit.  At the conclusion all of us were presented with gifts.

A view inside the hospital

The Church Building in Udon

They were doing a big landscaping project around the Church

The TUK TUK driver and his ever present Dog!

The final destination on the trip was Bangkok.  We had been a bit worried about the time to be spent there because of the political unrest happening for the past few weeks.  Our hotel was behind one of the barricade lines so the taxi dropped us off a block to two away and we walked in.  There was no problem.  We moved around the city comfortably on the rail system accompanied by Elder and Sister Goodson, a Humanitarian Couple serving there.  It was great to have them go with us to find the right trains and get out at the right stops.  The rapid transit system in Bangkok is amazing and so efficient!!  Bangkok's signature taxi is PINK!

The Goodson's and a really big Buddha

We visited the Bumrungrad Hospital, rated as one of the top ten destinations for Medical tourism in the world.  It was a huge facility, including every specialty and all the most modern and up-to-date equipment.  It was set up looking like a cross between a fancy shopping center and a posh hotel!

A few scenes from the PROTESTS:

A load of "protesters" bussed in 

The messages speak for themselves!

Tents set up in every nook and cranny!

Protest material sold wherever there was an empty space.
Always whistles - the "Whistle Blower" protest making it very noisy all the time! 

Near our hotel was a beautiful park with a wonderful walking path around the lake.  It did not look or
feel like the -30C we left in Mongolia!!

The Church Service Center is located near a good transportation connection and it is planned that sometime in the future, it might be the location of a Temple!!  Presently it is a beautiful building with great green landscaping in the center of the busy city.

What an incredible experience - 3 countries, 16 hospitals and clinics, 7 wonderful Senior Couples, and so many things to see we felt a sensory overload!!

We are grateful for the opportunity to be serving a mission both here in Mongolia
 and as the "Asia Area Medical Advisor".  

Life is indeed good, and All is Well.

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